Time to Shine

My wife Stephanie and I were eating on the patio of a restaurant last weekend. (Actually, it was a gourmet sausage restaurant, which is a wee story in itself). I saw her raise her iPhone to take a picture of me. Realizing the setting sun was behind me, I suggested she turn on the phone's little LED flash. It really helped add a sparkle to my eyes (called "catchlights") and fill in dark areas to make the photo more appealing. (If only the camera could have fixed my goofy wind-blown hair!) The photo was finished off by hitting "auto enhance" in the camera app, which is how my tan got so golden, I think.

Most people think of flash as something to use when it's dark out. But on-camera flash often looks terrible when it's dark out. Try using it during the day to fill in shadows... it can really help.