An Evening at the Port of Los Angeles

While waiting at the docks for a performance to begin and after it had finished, I managed to take a few personal shots.

This antique warehouse with the lonely police cruiser parked beside it seemed full of feeling for a building, and told me a complicated story. I simplified the composition as much as I could, and elected not to correct the perspective to preserve the sense of scale. By the way, the cop got irritated with me after awhile and left.

This was a bit of a shoot and scoot. There was a malignant vibe in this parking lot, with a few unsavory characters shuffling around like zombies. I decided not to spend too long looking for the exact right shot. The blue lights on the left are the WWII destroyer USS Iowa.

Sometimes, you need a friend. After taking this shot a dozen times with no one in it, I put Stephanie in. I placed her head about where the perspective lines merged, hoping to pull the eye here. I asked her to stand sideways, as if she were waiting on the dock, and look at the camera. Her put-upon expression was transitory... she was actually delighted to be there. But of the shots I took, I thought it fit the mood best. She gets bonus points for dressing in pure white in such a grimy place. I love contrasts like that. 

The first shot I took. I loved the textures and colors of these warehouse doors. There's a little story here, too, about access and history and utility.