Weapons of Another Age

What do you do when you want to take landscape pictures but the sky is a perfect, boring blue containing nothing but a piercing white sun? Take pictures of something else, of course! Here are four images of classic warplanes that were left to decompose on the smouldering late-summer tarmac of March Air Force Base.

A twin jet nacelle on a long range bomber looking very surprised. This plane was used by the Strategic Air Command to carry nukes around, looking for something to bomb. Never happened, thank goodness.

Smile! "How bad could it be," asks this Air Force bomber that once spent its time scattering cluster bombs on eastern jungles.

This is the rocket launcher on a Vietnam war era combat helicopter. The light at the end of the tunnel is the concrete landing pad. Though the tubes are parallel, the close distance to camera and extreme wide angle of this shot makes them look like they converge in the distance.

There is something utterly appealing to me about the esthetic of this B-29 and other WWII bombers like it. Although, I'm sure the people who lived and worked underneath them weren't as charmed.