Eastern Sierra Road Trip with Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Last week, Stephanie and I were graced with a visit from Chelsea and Tony Northrup and their super nice producer, Justin Eckert. Together, we spent the week road tripping along California's Eastern Sierra, taking pictures, laughing obnoxiously, and having loads of delighted fun.

We don't know how we got so lucky, but meeting and spending time the the Northrup team was an absolute treat, one of the high points of my already very full and satisfying life. Both Stephanie and I feel like we have known and loved them for ages, and we know we won't find sweeter, more generous and honest people anywhere.

For readers who don't know about Tony and Chelsea, they are authors, publishers, educators and Youtubers who spend unfathomable amounts of energy helping people around the world learn the art and science of photography. If you're learning photography (and you are... we are always learning), you should check them out. I promise, you'll be delighted.  Here are a couple of links:

Click here to see their best-selling book
Click here for their Youtube channel
Their website

And here are a few snaps from the trip. I'm still going through all the shots.