Seahorse SE920DPL Camera Fortress

I recently picked up this rugged camera luggage as a solution to the ever larger backpacks I was buying to house all my gear. Eventually, I ended up with a backpack so large and heavy, I couldn't carry it very far, and it wasn't even holding all my delicate gear. Plus, all the straps and zippers and the waist belt made it awkward to use as a simple place to keep the gear safe while at home. This Seahorse SE920DPL case is the solution. The DPL means it comes with a foam divider insert with adjustable velcro dividers for cameras rather than the more typical pick-out tiny foam cubes that are not really appropriate for camera gear.

This one is the size of a piece of rolling carry-on luggage. It's a clone of the famous and expensive Pelican brand cases, and to be honest, I can't really tell the difference. It's as heavy-duty as the Pelican cases but at around $109, it's half the cost. It's made in USA for those who care about these things. It comes with sturdy latch locks, two keys, plus there are holes for two padlocks. The case is completely waterproof and dust proof, with a hidden pressure release valve for when the altitude (or barometer) changes.

When full of gear, it's very heavy. Thankfully, the thing rolls like it's on ice skates, but also has two very strong carrying handles, one on the top, one on the side. And of course there's the pull out handle for towing. I stack my tripod against this with a bungee cord.

Mine is holding two professional camera bodies with battery grips, 8 lenses, two flashes and various sundry items. There is a mesh insert that screws into the top with a number of zipper pockets. The insert will hold a huge amount of small items like filters and batteries because the lid is fairly deep. It's a separate purchase for another $40. My insert is arriving next week.

I didn't pick this color, it picked me. Meaning, it was the one on sale. Seahorse calls it "international orange." I call it "electric cantaloupe attention whore". Anyhow, I didn't get if for the color, I got it because it's a bullet proof place for gear at an incredible price. When I am going out shooting, I pack out one of my three different size backpacks from this box depending on what I think I'll need. When I travel, I can easily take everything.

Anyhow, I'm writing about this thing because I think it's an amazing value.  It's tough and very well-made, and the gear inside is protected. The price is right... I'm a happy buyer.