Shoot 'n' Scoot or Stay and Play?

When I was just beginning to learn photography, I did a lot of what I call "shoot 'n' scoot." I'd go to a photographically interesting place, take a bunch of pictures in rapid succession, and then move on to the next pretty thing.

It took a while to learn to linger, to take in a scene, and see what happens. The good pictures from a shoot 'n' scoot are lucky shots; if you stay and get the rhythm of the place you're in, you'll have better success and learn much more.

If you're a beginner trying to improve your shots, try being slow and deliberate. Work with different settings, different angles, wait for interesting events and really "grok" a scene the best you can before moving on.

Shoot 'n' Scoot is fine for when you're a tourist or visiting places with your family. But when you're out in the field trying to make the best images you can, stay and play! One nice shot is much better than 100 ok pictures.

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