Communication With Compensation

I was delighted to provide image licenses to several new clients in June. It's a delight not just because it helps pay the bills, but also because it's gratifying to know that these little things I do to communicate can also help other people communicate as well. In its most basic essence, I think photography is simply a variety of communication; it's very dense, pliable, sometimes visceral and almost always extremely efficient. If strangers or even companies can use a photo to help communicate something of their own, then the photo must be a little broader in scope than merely personal. It means on the level of communication, the photo is a success.

Here's a selection of some of the licenses to new clients for June. I won't blog about who licensed what every single month, but I did want to highlight some licenses from time to time:


"Trio," a picture of Stephanie, Obie, and Cassie was licensed by Hughes Leahy Karlikovic, a Saint Louis ad agency.

"Desert Signpost," a picture of Stephanie being curious on a remote road in Desert Center, California, was licensed by a Dutch energy company called NUON.

Stanford Business Magazine licensed this fisheye image of wildflowers from Point Lobos, California.

"Immanent," taken in the Mojave north of Joshua Tree National Park, was grabbed by Styria Multimedia gmbh, a magazine publisher in Austria; as they say so beautifully, Die Styria Multi Media GmbH & Co KG ist eines der größten Österreichischen Magazinverlage mit Sitz in Wien und Heimat rund einer Million österreichischer Leserinnen und Leser. So a million readers. Cool.